$Sharbi Drives Strategic Evolution with Major Ethereum Relaunch and Supply Merger

Relaunch to further strengthen $Sharbi and its value proposition for investors

AUSTIN, TX – June 4, 2024 – The Sharbi team today launched $Sharbi’s new Ethereum (ETH) contract on the ETH blockchain platform at 2pm UTC. The multichain “Queen of Memes,” $Sharbi came to life in January 2023 and reached a $20 million all-time high (ATH) on Ethereum and a $20 million ATH on Arbitrum. 

Today, the tight-knit Sharbi team is taking a bold step by combining supply on Arbitrum and Ethereum into a single optimized contract on Ethereum. A perk for investors, the Sharbi team will be refunding Ethereum gas fees with extra supply at relaunch, showing its dedication to rewarding its loyal community. The decision to relaunch and merge supply, driven by the Sharbi’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) team, aims to streamline operations and enhance overall value for holders.

“Today’s strategic move promises to bring significant benefits to the Sharbi community and marks a new chapter in the project’s journey,” commented Andrew Rosemond, Sharbi Core Team Member and a DAO Administrator for Sharbi. “This evolution is aimed at making $Sharbi stronger and more resilient. We’re excited about the future and look forward to continuing this journey with our community.”

$Sharbi’s relaunch is designed to offer multiple advantages to the Sharbi community:

  • The new ETH contract will have lower gas fees. 
  • Sharbi is reducing its overall supply by 1 trillion coins, which is expected to create scarcity and potentially increase value.
  • The relaunch brings ETH rewards to holders, based on $Sharbi’s successful pay-to-hold (P2H) rewards scheme, which has already paid out over 1 million rewards.
  • Combining the supply of two chains into one enables the Sharbi team to focus its efforts on the three chains where it has the strongest support—Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Shibarium, where $Sharbi is in the chain’s top four coins—enabling a more targeted and efficient approach to creating value for the Sharbi community. 
  • Every holder of $Sharbi via its original Arbitrum and Ethereum contracts will receive equivalent value to their current holdings at relaunch, ensuring fairness and continuity for their investments.
  • Greater incentives for whale buyers will make Sharbi an even more attractive investment vehicle for larger investors.

$Sharbi is Know Your Customer / Know Your Client (KYC) verified. Updated audits further underscore the Sharbi team’s commitment to security and transparency.

Rosemond continued, “$Sharbi’s relaunch on Ethereum is more than a technical update; it’s a reaffirmation of the project’s vision. With reduced supply, focused strategy, and enhanced features, $Sharbi is poised for a bright future in the meme-coin landscape. Sharbi is deeply committed to its community, and we’re relentlessly pursuing continued growth.”

The forward-thinking Sharbi team is solidifying an increasingly important role within the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with a trusted, versatile meme coin that delivers utility. For example, in 2023, the team struck a partnership with Zypto Pay that allows holders to use $Sharbi to pay their bills, purchase gift cards and more with a virtual or physical card. In 2024, Sharbi launched Sharbi’s Dream Factory as an accelerator program offering other projects in the DeFi space access to its network of reliable developers, marketing/branding services, contract auditing, volume generation, and much more.

$Sharbi is a fully decentralized, 100 percent DAO-controlled, pay-to-hold coin. Of note, Sharbi achieved The Verification Gold Standard® of Assure DeFi®. To date, Sharbi has distributed over $1 million dollars to holders as passive earnings.

To learn more about Sharbi, go to https://www.sharbi.net/

About Sharbi 

$Sharbi is a community-owned, multichain cryptocurrency built on Ethereum, Shibarium and Solana. Sharbi harnesses the power of a decentralized WEB3 community and is 100 percent Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) controlled. Sharbi is a Know Your Customer / Know Your Client (KYC) Verified Project and achieved The Verification Gold Standard® of Assure DeFi®. Boom Boom Capital, Sharbi’s DAO investment fund, participates in exclusive seed round/pre-sale crypto opportunities, and all revenues generated are distributed quarterly. A MEME 2.0 community token, Sharbi provides ongoing BONE and ETH rewards to holders. A four percent (4%) fee on Sharbi transactions across the ETH chains (ETH rewards), and the Shibarium chain (BONE rewards), is redistributed to holders of the respective chains, and a one percent (1%) fee on the aforementioned chains goes toward project liquidity. Sharbi is zero-tax (0%) on Solana and offers rewards through a revenue share model from Sharbi’s Dream Factory. Connect with the Sharbi community on Twitter (@SharbiToken) and Telegram (t.me/SharbiPortal).  

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